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Kick-Start: Bower – A Simple Tutorial of Setting-Up and Using Bower.JS

The goal of this post is to provide a simple description of how to install Bower JS and how to use Bower JS to manage client side dependencies. The first time I tried to use Bower I had problems. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Understanding AngularJS – Simple Example

I did a similar post as this post for Backbone.js Understanding Backbone.js – Simple Example. Based on readers’ comments the backbone.js post seemed to assist many people. My goal with this post is to help others understand the core parts … Continue reading

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How I Navigated to AngularJS

This article is about the process I’ve gone through of selecting AngularjS as my MV* JavaScript framework of choice. I will discuss the evolution I went through from learning jQuery, Knockout, Backbone.js, and eventually settling on AngularJS. I’ve been programming … Continue reading

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Setting-up AngularJS, Angular Seed, Node.js and Karma

I’ve used AngularJS for a few months, but I have no knowledge when it comes to testing AngularJS apps. I have a subscription to and wanted to go through their online video training course for AngularJS. Specifically with this … Continue reading

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Re-Learning Backbone.js – Require.js (AMD and Shim)

In this post we are going to learn how to use Require.js with Backbone.js and Underscore.js This post build on the Re-Learning Backbone.js series. As usual, the examples in this tutorial are extremely simple. We have one goal here and … Continue reading

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Browser Script Loading

In this post I will discuss how scripts are loaded and executed by the browser. It’s common to have scripts loaded by the browser by using the script tag (<script>) with a src (source) attribute. In the old days, the … Continue reading

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Re-Learning Backbone.js – Multiple Views

In this post we will learn about how a view can monitor changes or events in other views. A common scenario is to display a list of items. When the user clicks an item from the list, the details of … Continue reading

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Re-Learning Backbone.js – Nested Views

Previously in this series we have learned about views and collection. Now lets learn about creating nested views based on a collection. Most if not all of the concepts learned in the previous Re-Learning Backgone.js tutorials will be used in … Continue reading

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Re-Learning Backbone.js – Events (Pub-Sub)

Since we are here to learn about Backbone.js, we are going to use the built in feature of Backbone called Events. Backbone.js Events is a feature that provides a Pub-Sub. As usually I’m going to attempt to keep this a … Continue reading

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Re-Learning Backbone.js – Collections

Backbone.js collections are used to store and manage a group of similar or related objects. If all we wanted to do was store related objects we could use a JavaScript array, but Backbone.js Collection provides an infrastructure that allows us … Continue reading

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