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KickStart – C# Custom Configuration

This post will provide an example and explanation of how to create custom configuration for C# applications. I will discuss ConfigurationSections, ConfigurationElements, ConfigurationElementCollection. Also I will discuss how to nest these items together. My plan is to take very small … Continue reading

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Understanding AngularJS – Simple Example

I did a similar post as this post for Backbone.js Understanding Backbone.js – Simple Example. Based on readers’ comments the backbone.js post seemed to assist many people. My goal with this post is to help others understand the core parts … Continue reading

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Unexpected results with Lambdas and Creating New Threads in C#

Today I was creating a simple application that needed to read from a queue and send XML to a web service.  It seemed to me to be a perfect opportunity to create a multi-threaded application.   Since I needed to send … Continue reading

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Simple Example – AOP – Policy Injection with Unity

This is just a simple example explaining the processes/patterns to implement them using Unity 2.0, Dependency Inject, Inversion of Control (Ioc), and Aspect Oriented Programming (AoP). One of my primary goals is to not over complicate these examples. The examples … Continue reading

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Regular Expression Negative Lookahead

I have a process that creates XML and inserts data within a element.  Some of the data that is inserted includes "&"s.  Since "&" can not be inserted into the XML without causing problems, I need a process to escape "&", but I do not want … Continue reading

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Building Proof of Concepts with XML test Data

  There are many times where I want to create a Proof of Concept (POC) that uses a data table.  There are situations when I build these POC that I don’t want to connect to to Database,but still need a datatable.  There are … Continue reading

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ASP.NET AJAX WebServices and ScriptServices

I’ve been working with ASP.NET AJAX for the past week and the following resources allowed me to get up to speed pretty fast.  The following two books that I list are pretty good.   Both of the them cover some different … Continue reading

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Advanced Regular Expression – Groups Name Capture LookAround

  Zip Code Regular Expression ^([0-9]{5}-?([0-9]{4})?){1}$   I’ve been doing alot of regular expression lately and need some place to put my resources.  Below are some very good links for regular Expressions.   How to validate a valid GUID Value … Continue reading

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