Default Enable Quick Edit for Windows Command Prompt (Console)

It seems that I’ve used Windows and the Command Prompt (Console) for ever and I never new of this feature.  Every time I wanted to copy or paste from the Command Prompt I had to right click and select “mark” or “paste” in the the window or click and bring up the menu.  It’s not that big of a deal, but saving 2 clicks or keystrokes adds up in 10 years.  I’ve must have wasted at least 30 minutes.   Here are my steps to set Quick Edit Mode as the default for the Command Prompt.

I know the following steps work for Windows XP and Windows 7.

The following screen show how to change the options for Command Prompt that is currently open.  When you close the Command Prompt this option is not saved, so the next time you open the Command Prompt this option will need to be reset.


The following image shows how to change the default configuration so that Quick Edit Mode is enabled by default.


TechNet – QuickEdit –

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