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Remove Multiple Spaces

I have a need to replace multiple space with a single space in varchar during a SQL statement.   On the web there were many solutions, but these two seemed to be the more simple ones.   DECLARE @strValue VARCHAR(MAX) SET @strValue = … Continue reading

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Entity Framework

  Resources:  ADO.NET Entity Framework   Introducing ADO.NET Entity Framework(By Julia Lerman)   MSDN Quickstart (Entity Framework)   ADO.NET Entity Framework   Additional MSDN Links The following topics enable you to learn more about the Entity Framework: … Continue reading

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Taskbar and Task Tray Tools

For a good while I have been asking Microsoft for the ability to organize the Taskbar and also be able to minimize application to the Task Tray.  Over the past few day I decided that there must 3rd party tools … Continue reading

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DOS – Batch Join SQL Files

We have all of our SQL script in source control.   Whenever I update the database I have to go through each file and run it individually.  I wanted a way to be able to run all SQL scripts.  So, I … Continue reading

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Regular Expression Negative Lookahead

I have a process that creates XML and inserts data within a element.  Some of the data that is inserted includes "&"s.  Since "&" can not be inserted into the XML without causing problems, I need a process to escape "&", but I do not want … Continue reading

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