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JavaScript XML IE and FireFox

Once again I’m doing a lot of JavaScript, but with XML.  I have also been tasked with getting this JS to work in FireFox and IE.    Some of the thing I’m having to do are the following: Load XML … Continue reading

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SQL Function for Parsing or Spliting String

I have a table that stores a delimited string in a column.  I need this string to be in a table format.  So instead of trying to create this myself, I decided to Google and see if I could find … Continue reading

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Custom Server Controls

I’ve been fight with creating Custom Server Controls (Custom Controls).  I have create one Custom Control that inherits from CompositeControl.  And create another control that inherits from the previous created custom control.  Let’s just say the process of create a … Continue reading

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Building Proof of Concepts with XML test Data

  There are many times where I want to create a Proof of Concept (POC) that uses a data table.  There are situations when I build these POC that I don’t want to connect to to Database,but still need a datatable.  There are … Continue reading

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SQL – How to use (not use) GO within Batches

“GO” is not a T-SQL statement, it’s a command specific to utilities such as SQLCmd, OSQL, Query Analyzer and SQL Server Management Studio.  Go is not part of ANSI-SQL or Transaction-SQL (TSQL).  The GO command is interpreted by these tools to trigger … Continue reading

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