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SQL Server Dynamic Query SQL Server without using Dynamic SQL but with XML

There always seems to be  a need for dynamic SQL, but security seems too limit where it can be used.  I found the article and it seemed very intriguing, but have not been able to deeply look into it, so … Continue reading

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JavaScript IE FireFox onload

There are problems with FireFox using onload.  Most of the documentation and articles that I have read identifies that FireFox does not support onload.  I currently have FireFox 3 installed and onload seems to work.  But I have not been … Continue reading

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Passing Dictionary From JavaScript to ASP.NET Web Service

The ASP.NET project that I’m currently working on uses AJAX to save data to a Web Service.  The web service is generic.  The web page should be able to pass address, phone numbers, sales info and etc to the web … Continue reading

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JavaScript Modal While Processing

On the current ASP.NET project that I’m working on, I’m using AJAX to save the user input to a WebMethod(WebService).  While the save is running the user needs to be prompted that their data is being save.  At this time … Continue reading

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