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Cool Tools and Tips

Every time I rebuild my computer I can never remember the tools that I installed and the custom changes i make to the environemnt.  Also I added a few links to others who have similar lists.     Scott Hanselman’s 2007 Ultimate … Continue reading

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ASP.NET Debugging Stop Unexpectedly

My environment: Visual Studio 2008 (VS.NET), Vista, IIS7, ASP.NET.  I have a situation when I’m debugging ASP.NET and after about 90 seconds of stepping through code the debugger suddenly stops and detaches.   Based on info from others, it seems that … Continue reading

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Page.ResolveUrl(“~/ClientScripts/Validation.js”) – Web Application Root Operator

I have the situation where I need to load a JavaScript dynamically.  All the JS files are in the ClientScript directory (  The ASPX page that references the client scripts could be anywhere, multiple folders (directories) down in the site … Continue reading

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ASP.NET AJAX WebServices and ScriptServices

I’ve been working with ASP.NET AJAX for the past week and the following resources allowed me to get up to speed pretty fast.  The following two books that I list are pretty good.   Both of the them cover some different … Continue reading

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AJAX and JavaScript in ASP.NET & Visual Studio 2008

I have once again started working with AJAX.  About 8 months ago I was pretty deep into ASP.NET and AJAX, but since then I’ve done little with AJAX.  I’ve been finding many good reference for AJAX and do not have a common … Continue reading

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When Leaving Page, Prompt The User That Changes Have Not Been Saved

I’m in the process of create a few input forms in ASP.NET (Name, address, and etc).  If the user makes a change to the page and tries to navigate away from the current page without previously clicking save, the current … Continue reading

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SQL Server Searching Object Text

I had a situation where soft deletes were going to be implemented in the database, but for the past year hard deleted were being implemented.   On every table the IsDeleted column was created.  The newer Stored Procedures, Views, and Functions … Continue reading

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SQL Server Custom Shortcuts

Querying the INFORMATION_SCHEMA  (But has info about SQL Server Shortcuts) This is where I originally found info about SQL Server shortcuts.   Assigning shortcuts to commonly run tasks in SQL Server 2005 Management Studio   SELECT * FROM, … Continue reading

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SQL Server For Each Procedure

I created my sp_ForEachProcedure base on Microsoft undocumented sp_msForEachTable.  It doesn’t have all the features of sp_msForEachTable, but does include a few of them.  I even added a few custom parameters (@print, @execute).   I did dynamic SQL because I was … Continue reading

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SQL Server System Tables and View

SQL Server 2005 System Views Map|_Sys|_Views.pdf (Source:  

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